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October 13, 2016: Munchkin Musings: October 2016

Munchkin Cards

Fall weather is just starting to make it to Austin (we've even had morning temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit once or twice!) and that has reminded me that it's time for a Halloween installment of Munchkin news for you ghoulish people.

On October 3, we had our second annual Retailer Appreciation Day. Folks from places as far as Oregon and New Jersey rubbed elbows and learned about all the cool new games coming up. We had several tables showing off the latest prototype of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, which was a hit – thanks to Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson for the design, and to Devin Lewis for spearheading the game's development. We're seeing colored art come in regularly now, and it's really good. I showed off the Collectible Card Game at the Enigma Retailer Day in Copenhagen on October 11, and Ross is taking that copy with him to Essen to show several of our translation partners. I can't wait until we can tell you more about this game, including our tentative release plans!

Munchkin Grimm Tidings is selling very well at Walgreens . . . if you haven't checked your local store yet, you might want to get on that! We're very happy with this set and hope to do more of these kinds of "starter" games next year.

Another of those "starter" games is Munchkin Christmas Lite, which you can get right now because the holiday vault is open! You should note that we'll slam the door on all our Munchkin Christmas loot when the warehouse closes in mid-December.

We've mentioned Munchkin Shakespeare before. We'll mention it again. By the pricking of my thumbs, something Munchkin this way comes . . .

Don't forget to check the weekly Munchkin News to be the first guy in your group to know all the cool Munchkin secrets! Have a great, safe Halloween, and I'll be back in November!

-- Andrew Hackard

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