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October 18, 2009: Upcoming Office Closures

Spooks black cat card

On Friday, October 30th we'll be donning costumes and breaking out the dice -- it's our annual Halloween Game Day! Those lucky enough to be in the Austin office will be playing games all day, so don't expect quick replies via email. The phones will mostly go to voice mail, and Warehouse 23 will be closed for the day.

And our whole office -- including Warehouse 23 -- will close from December 21 through January 1, 2010. Our last day in the office will be December 18th, and we'll return on January 4. After years of juggling family gatherings and office hours, we've decided just to enjoy the end of the year. Don't worry; we'll remind you of this downtime again.

A note to shoppers: e23 will remain available during both the Halloween Game Day and the holiday break. The automated systems will process your order and deliver your files without any human interaction (spooky, isn't it?). Customer service will, of course, be delayed.

-- Paul Chapman

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