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October 19, 2008: It's The End Of The World, But Not Yet

In 2019, the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) releases a report, predicting the likely extinction of humankind in 2042. No single factor will spell our doom; instead, GEAS has identifed five "super-threats." Individually, they're a danger. Together, they'll tip us into oblivion.

Nightmare? Plot of a new SF novel? Warnings from a time traveller?

Nope, just a new online game, run by the Institute for the Future, and designed by Transhuman Space Toxic Memes author Jamais Cascio. Use blogs, wikis, and Twitter accounts to describe "yourself" of 2019, and how you're dealing with the super-threats. Together, the players will be suggesting and critiquing strategies for overcoming them, eleven years before they're identified.

The game is called Superstruct, and is running until November 17, 2008. A panel of celebrity judges will chose their favorite participant, but the entire human race could benefit.

-- Paul Chapman

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