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October 20, 2007: e23 Milestones

We love milestones around here (okay, I love them), and there have been some good ones recently:

  • We have 1,900 products by a variety of publishers on sale now, and we're hoping to hit the big 2,000 by the end of this year!
  • Two weeks ago, we hit 50 out-of-print GURPS books, and we are completing the (much smaller) remainder.
  • GURPS Mysteries hit 1,000 sales.
  • GURPS Spaceships made it into the top ten . . . top five in the first two months of sales.
  • Creatures of the Night, Volume 1 is about to make . . . made it onto the Top 20 Downloads, All Time list (by completely failing to slow down in sales over the last six months).
  • And In Nomine PDFs recently exceeded 1,500 total sales.

Finally, this isn't properly a "milestone," but the first quarter of this year was e23's best ever . . . until the second quarter replaced it . . . until the third quarter replaced it. That's something you folks did, and we appreciate it.
-- Thomas Weigel

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