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October 24, 2007: Got $1.5 Million?

For Sale: One slightly used missile silo . . .

About 3 hours east of Seattle, there's a little Titan missile base, with a cozy 57 acres and over 45,000 square feet underground. It could be yours for a couple million bucks, and the realtor has some creative ideas on living spaces.

I don't have a pile of money up to my chin, but this listing (and SiloWorld) have plenty of gaming potential. The maps alone are worth the time to click through, and as an adventure seed for Underground Labs? Priceless.

Yes, we did link to a similar auction, back in October of 2001. But that eBay listing has gone the way of the dodo. And yes, Penny Arcade did scoop us; but in our defense, this entry has been pushed back several times for more important stuff (like Munchkin Bobbleheads).
-- Paul Chapman

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