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October 25, 2010: Bio-Tech And Beyond

Pyramid #3/24: Bio-Tech

Do you remember a week ago, when you were sitting around and muttering to yourself, "You know what's missing in my life? GURPS information, templates, and suggestions for biomecha -- preferably written by one of the GURPS big names, like David Pulver. Oh, and more game-ready pharmaceuticals, building off of (and compatible with) the drugs from GURPS Bio-Tech. Maybe a giant, sinister, living building, complete with a full-color map and GURPS stats."

You looked out a window wistfully, seeing an overly bright star in the sky. "Martians . . . what kind of bio-tech do they use?" You shook your head in rueful silence, daring not even to contemplate a campaign framework that populates the stars with strange beings who -- unknown to all -- were once human.

You longed for all these things in silence -- until now.

This week marks the newest release of Pyramid, the magazine for roleplayers: Pyramid #3/24: Bio-Tech. As its name implies, this issue is devoted to all things bio-technical, including the aforementioned biomecha, drugs, Martians, and more. It even includes material you hadn't thought of, like a new Murphy's Rules comic and a two-sided GURPS character sheet addition designed to help keep track of biomods and other location-specific info.

Space Gamer #44

After coming across this treasure trove, you faced a difficult decision: Do I buy the individual issue, or subscribe?

Elated at having had this recent void fulfilled, you turned your attention elsewhere. "What else did I desire a mere week ago, that came to be fulfilled by an electronic magazine purchase? And do I continue to live in the past, or remain rooted in today?" Little did you know that you could live in both the past and present by purchasing our newest magazine re-release: Space Gamer #44. This issue (from October 1981) has material your old-school self dares not dream: tanks and hovercraft in Traveller, a sci-fi scenario for Killer, a demographical discussion of fantasy worlds, and more.

Little did you realize all this, just one week ago, when you were looking out a window and waiting for your wishes to be fulfilled.

-- Steven Marsh

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