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September 1, 2022: The T'reo School Of Martial Magic Now On Kickstarter


David Pulver brings us a 92-page sourcebook for The Fantasy Trip . . . and it is now funding on Kickstarter! Click here to join the campaign to get the book in PDF or print. The project's print rewards are being offered to Canada, the EU, the UK, and the US. 

The graduates of the T'reo School are among the best martial wizards in the world. Trained by masters, honed by constant duels, they'll never face anything in their lives as tough as T'reo was. A class of 32 students will be cut to 2/3 that size when they graduate three years later. Some quit, some are expelled, but most die in duels.

Some of the masters worry they're not tough enough.

Join the Kickstarter project today!

-- Phil Reed

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