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September 11, 2021: Show Your Spark! Follow GURPS Girl Genius On Kickstarter Today!

Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (Prerelease Edition)

Over a decade of work has led to this day: the GURPS Girl Genius book is available in PDF! Whether you shop at our online store, Warehouse 23, or the DrivethruRPG site, the PDF is available to buy and download right now. 

Now, as awesome as that is, it's only the opening shot as we prepare to take the project to Kickstarter where, with your support, we'll also produce a hardcover edition of the book. We can't do this alone, though, and we need every GURPS and Girl Genius fan out there to follow the project today: click here to visit the Kickstarter preview page where you can get a look at the campaign page and click a follow button. (Check the top left corner of the page.) 

We do not yet have a launch date for the project. By following the project page, you not only let us know the level of interest in the book, but you will also receive an email notification from Kickstarter when we launch the campaign.

Show your support for the GURPS Girl Genius project today and please follow the Kickstarter page! Together, we can make this a success and deliver the hardcover book – hopefully, with that extra 8-page comic added! – in the new year.

-- Phil Reed

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