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September 11, 2022: Pick A Card Dice Coming Late This Year


When Steve outlined what he wanted for this specialty dice pack, we knew it would make for a fun pair of custom dice. What we didn't know, though, was that it would take so very long to work through the manufacturing process. Checking our internal tracking, we find that this project was started on May 4, 2021 . . . and it is taking over a year to get it right!

Why? Why would something as basic as a custom d4 and custom d26 take over a year to work their way through the manufacturing and freight stages? Because nothing is easy these days.

Fortunately, we pushed ahead and now Pick a Card Dice is finally ready to shift from the long process of manufacturing to the agonizing journey across the ocean to our primary warehouse in Georgia. At the moment, it looks like we'll hit a late 2022 in-store release . . . but who can really know in this world what will happen?

Need a card? Roll a card!

This "deck" will never get old and ragged or ruined by a spilled drink!

Roll these dice together to get any card from a standard deck. The 4-sider gives you the suit. The 26-sider gives you the rank.

Play poker with virtual cards! (An identical pair beats a regular pair.) Or just match cards to see who pays for dinner . . .

-- Phil Reed

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