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September 16, 2015: This New Pyramid Is Enchanting!

Pyramid #3/82: Magical Creations

Magic is in the air with the latest Pyramid, as we look at new mystical wonders and innovations you can add to your GURPS game. Discover what rabbits we've pulled out of our hats with Pyramid #3/82: Magical Creations!

This issue provides two featured articles with cutting-edge support for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Assistant GURPS Line Editor Jason "PK" Levine's expanded rules for brewing potions, and Antoni Ten Monrós' guide to bringing the recent GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery into Dungeon Fantasy as the sorcerer template.

This issue also offers a slew of new magical items from David L. Pulver, rules for relics in GURPS Monster Hunters, a look at magical musical instruments, and more. (And we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the gorgeous cover from Brandon Moore . . .)

This Pyramid is a collection of magical creations that are sure to summon something new to your GURPS games. Download it into your virtual library individually, or subscribe to Pyramid today and get it plus more months of unbelievable info for GURPS!

-- Steven Marsh

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