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September 18, 2013: Will You Uncover Big Secrets . . . Or Help To Conceal Them?

Pyramid #3/59: Conspiracies

A roleplaying game often works best when it has a big story to wrap the campaign around . . . and what's bigger than a nice, juicy conspiracy? That's the hook for Pyramid #3/59: Conspiracies, the latest issue of Pyramid.

This issue features GURPS grandmaster Sean Punch's expansion of the GURPS Action line, with new options and lenses that help you model a secret-filled action movie. The magazine also provides a collection of GURPS lenses for those who fight to uncover the truth, as well as a set of GURPS rules from Jason "PK" Levine for modeling poker and other high-stakes games (perfect for shadowy back rooms). And a guy we met in a garage told us this issue also includes a selection of ready-to-use conspiratorial elements, including drones, a population-control group with an Earth-shaking secret, and a cryptic fanzine worth killing for.

Don't let Pyramid #3/59: Conspiracies pass you by, or you might miss what's "really" going on. Pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today and learn the truth every month!

-- Steven Marsh

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