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September 1, 2005:
It's Wednesday evening as I write this. I landed Tuesday at about 7 . . . read article

September 2, 2005:
I'm the company's crisis manager, and with a company like Directnic.com, my services are rarely needed . . ." But right now, they're needed very much indeed. Read this frequently updated and no-punches-pulled blog from a man who is helping to keep the net up in New Orleans . . . and watching from the tenth floor of a high-rise as the city falls apart around him and the mobs and looters take over . . . read article

September 3, 2005:
Why do people keep watching the skies, looking for big rocks that might slam into us, acting like it's something special? It happens all the time . . . read article

September 4, 2005:
We've got a hot competition going for the STUPIDEST comment made by a public official as the New Orleans disaster drags on. In the "Highly Paid Appointee" category, the unquestioned winner so far is FEMA chairman Michael Brown, who seems to be communicating from another planet . . . one where they don't have cable . . . read article

September 5, 2005:
In the weeks and months to come, charitable organizations may need clothes and other supplies. Right now, what they need most is cash . . . read article

September 6, 2005:
GURPS Banestorm will be in stores later this month, so we thought you'd like a sneak peek of some of the new and updated material you'll find inside. Something dark lurks in the Blackwoods of Yrth . . . read article

September 7, 2005:
Prettier, and faster loading too. Check it out . . . read article

September 8, 2005:
From Ken Walton, one of the authors of GURPS Celtic Myth, we hear: Just a little bizarre news that I thought you might appreciate. I've never studied history formally, and have no qualifications in it, but I've just been accepted at Lancaster University to do a history degree, on the basis of the work I did on GURPS Celtic Myth! . . . read article

September 9, 2005:
It's harder to hit a moving target, so all human knowledge has taken refuge on the Internet. Just try and burn the Library at Halexandria . . . read article

September 10, 2005:
INWO or Illuminati. One or the other . . . read article

September 11, 2005:
Chris Aylott is here, and settling into the Managing Editor slot. And Scott Haring is back at work; his leg is finally healing the way it's supposed to . . . read article

September 12, 2005:
These can regrow missing limbs and even damaged hearts. See the Times Online for details . . . read article

September 13, 2005:
And you should look at it anyway. You will need to have Quicktime installed and not to be drinking anything unless your keyboard is proof against liquids . . . read article

September 14, 2005:
Sean Punch is in town for a few days. The GURPS line will be discussed in detail, and plans made for the next few years . . . read article

September 15, 2005:
Designed for parents trying to figure out what to call their offspring, the NameVoyager is a lot of fun as a random research tool . . . you can see what names have been most popular when. If you insist on a gaming use, it's got one: select the period of your campaign and use this neat little Java applet to pick NPC names with maximum authenticity . . . read article

September 16, 2005:
There's nothing like well-reasoned debate, and this is nothing like well-reasoned debate. Hard to argue with them, though . . . read article

September 17, 2005:
And for a moment there it almost looked playable. Alas, it is merely meant to be read and cackled at . . . read article

September 18, 2005:
Yes, it's that time again . . . Tomorrow, September 19, is Talk Like A Pirate Day . . . read article

September 19, 2005:
This isn't the official announcement. Official announcements have things like release dates . . . read article

September 20, 2005:
The logistics of moving, which tend themselves to move around from day to day, dictated that Sunday and Monday were very largely given over to my taking several hundred cubic feet of my own gorp which had been in a storage container on the office lot, and shifting it elsewhere. Ouch . . . read article

September 21, 2005:
No, not our project. The Soviets - remember them - were testing big GEVs on the Caspian Sea, for real . . . read article

September 22, 2005:
Austin is far enough from the coast that we won't get the worst of Rita, but we're well within the current projected path. We're expecting rain Friday, and thunderstorms and some very strong wind Saturday . . . read article

September 23, 2005:
It looks like the worst, and even the second-worst, will miss us completely. Unless the hurricane decides to ignore the forecasters, and they DO that, rather often . . . read article

September 24, 2005:
Rita still looks like a very dangerous storm, but more and more it looks like one that will bypass most of Texas, and (from my selfish point of view, fortunately) will miss Austin and Houston. My sympathies go out to everyone who left Houston for what, in retrospect, looks like a false alarm - especially Agent Grf, who spent 19 hours on the road to Dallas - but running from a Category 5 is really a Good Idea . . . read article

September 25, 2005:
From around here, sighs of relief. Rita is now well past us and going in the other direction . . . read article

September 26, 2005:
Whether you want to emulate FPS games in real life, or just admire new and creative ways to torment little brothers, this work of mad genius will brighten your day. At least, it will if you're the kind of person who reads the Illuminator . . . read article

September 27, 2005:
When I was in retail, the best part was always pulling a new book out of the box and seeing it for the very first time. Now I'm in publishing, admiring one of the first copies of GURPS Banestorm, knowing that I've become a part of making neat books like this one . . . read article

September 28, 2005:
Now that my unseemly hooting has given way to occasional giggles, I can point you to the latest Penny Arcade, which presents a unique take on those catalogs you find in the seat pocket on airlines. Do you have any idea how many Evil Points someone could garner by printing that page out, trimming appropriately, and slipping it into the real catalog? . . . read article

September 29, 2005:
(Illuminated News Service) After months of heated debate and repeated last-minute deadline changes, Iraq's elected representatives have reached agreement on their new Constitution. It will be 10 . . . read article

September 30, 2005:
So . . . I made it to a preview of Serenity Wednesday night . . . read article

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