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September 22, 2011: Munchkin Reindeer Games Launch Kit

Munchkin Booster POP A "launch kit" is a bonus given to retailers who order a certain product when it is released. The idea is to encourage preorders at the retailer level (which helps publishers deal with the print bills quickly). We've done a few in the past, and we're doing one for Munchkin Reindeer Games -- buy a full 10-unit display and recieve a Munchkin Booster POP. It's a nifty little holder to show off up to six different types of boosters, and would work very nicely on a counter or in a glass cabinet next to other booster-sized products (especially the collectible variety).

If you're a retailer, now is the time to let your favorite distributor rep know you'd like one of these handsome items for your shop. Reindeer Games starts shipping later this month, so the sooner your order goes in, the better!

If you're a Munchkin fan, already planning on picking up a couple boosters, it wouldn't hurt to mention the Munchkin Reindeer Games Launch Kit to your friendly local retailer. With the flood of new games that come out each month, game store managers have stacks of information to deal with, and they may have missed the announcement.

(And if you're a collector striving for one of everything Munchkin, you'll need to bribe your FLGS to get one, but since it doesn't have a rule, I'm not sure how you'd use it in a game.)

-- Paul Chapman

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