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September 25, 2019: The Return Of FnordCon!

FnordCon 2 is officially on, bigger and better!

• It will be a full 3-day event this time – April 3-5, 2020 – at the same low $40 price.

• It will be in a real hotel this time – the Omni, a very nice place with good guest rooms, a nice restaurant, and lots of gaming space.

• There will be even more Swag, with a special extra package for those who book rooms at the Omni.

• And our Guest of Honor will be none other than . . . JOHN KOVALIC! We'll also be joined by Sean Punch and others to be announced as the event gets closer.

Save the date and join us next year for a weekend of games, contests, and tournaments. And games. And more games. Did we mention games? There will be lots of Munchkin. There will be "Steve vs. the World" in Ogre. There will be a whole room for roleplaying in all our systems, and (at least) new Fantasy Trip stuff to see and play. And by that date, we should have good printer samples, and test runs of the new miniatures, for Car Wars

There will also be some reveals that we can't reveal yet because, duh.

Come get your game on with us!

-- Steve Jackson

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