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September 28, 2009: Alchemy And Alche-You

GURPS Thaumatology: Alchemical Baroque

Magic! Magic is neat, isn't it? The way to makes all kinds of crazy stuff happen. I love that part of magic. You know what else I love? Baroque art! They it . . . uh . . . okay, confession time. I have no idea what Baroque art is. I had to go look it up. I guess it has something to do with stuff made between the 16th and 18th centuries?

But here's what I do know! We've got a PDF called GURPS Thaumatology: Alchemical Baroque, and it's full of magical stuff. Long-time readers may recognize this title, particularly if I attach the name Phil Masters to it as the author. Yes, this material originally appeared in All-Star Jam 2004. (Which, as you can see from that hyperlink, is also available for purchase on e23!) We've reached in and pulled that chapter out, lengthened it a little bit, and switched all the gears from 3rd edition to 4th.

And if you don't recognize the title, well, all the better! That means you have this magical mystery wonder tour still ahead of you. If you like your TL4 with a heavy smattering of magi-science, you'll dig Alchemical Baroque.

-- Fox Barrett

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