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September 29, 2022: Nightmare Fuel Coming To BackerKit

In October, three new bestiary volumes launch for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG on Backerkit Crowdfunding! Gaming Ballistic is pleased to announce the Nightmare Fuel crowdfunding campaign!

Why Did it Have to Be Snakes?

Always a classic. From the powerful spawn of the World Serpent Jörmungandr to the mythical hydra. The flying coatl and the (totally not a) medusa. These legendary creatures come in all sorts of sizes, ready to crush, envenom, and petrify delvers. Or swallow them whole.
Now we know why it had to be snakes! How could it be anything else?

Really Big Bugs

What's more terrifyingly awesome than a swarm of insects? A plague of giant, man-eating insects. From giant ants to ant-men. Scorpions both swarmed and super-sized. And spiders, of course. From ancient near-gods (who are absolutely not spawns of Ungoliant) to baby acid spiders. Does it sting, bite, enweb, or just look creepy?
This book is a straight-up catalog of crawling horror – at least 32 different insects, arthropods, and near-human (-ish? -oid?) creatures, ready to play.

Feed Me, Seymour!

Sometimes, it's the scenery that's out to kill you. From awakened trees, and a shrubbery that brings you where it wants, to things that are definitely not ents. From literature and legend, a host of vegetative monstrosities populate this short volume.
Sixteen different flavors of plant monster. Sing it with me: Delvers sure look like plant food to me!

The Books

These three volumes are targeted as follows:
  • Serpents of Legend. 40 pages. 
  • The Bugstiary. 36 pages.
  • Garden of Evil. 20 pages.
There will be a limited number of pledges that include hardcover versions of the original Nordlondr Bestiary. The campaign launches on October 13. Follow the campaign to see how it's progressing, hear about stretch goals as they're revealed, and spread the word!

Nordlond and More

In addition to the Bestiary, Gaming Ballistic also offers the Delvers to Grow character generation quick-start, five ready-to-run adventures, and rules supplements. Check them out on the Gaming Ballistic Shopify Store, or pick them up during the campaign! 

Please Follow the Campaign

If more (and more, and more...) full-color monster books are of interest, please sign up to be notified at the landing page. The campaign is scheduled to launch in mid-October, and should last through early November.

-- Douglas Cole

Nightmare Fuel

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