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August 19, 2022: Help Us Test Our New Shopify Store

Warehouse 23 is undergoing a change, and we're in the final stages of testing. If you visit, then you can get a look at the new site . . . and it works! We've already imported existing Warehouse 23 accounts into the new store, and we would greatly appreciate it if you took time to place an order (for physical items) and run the new store through its paces. As a thank you for your help in this, we are going to pack one free game, expansion, or accessory ($10 or greater value) in all orders at the new site between now and September 1, 2022. This offer applies only to orders for physical items at the new store, where the total value of the order exceeds $25 (before taxes, shipping, fees, etc.).*

To help us test the new store, and to take advantage of this offer, please order at the new Warehouse 23 Shopify store before September 1, 2022. Thank you!

*Due . . . [more]

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