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January 28, 2022: Circuit Dice Are Electrifying!

Circuit Dice have delivered to backers of the crowdfunding project, and are now available to purchase on Warehouse 23! These custom d6 dice feature circuit board-inspired designs in a very apt gold and green color scheme. It's like we cracked open an Apple II and turned the chips into dice. We didn't, but we thought about it. 

Folks on social media are sharing some great unboxing pics and videos of the dice sets if you want some second opinions. As with all our dice, they're great for GURPS, but maybe these particular dice can slide into a cyperpunk setting for a bit more thematic flair when you roll a crit. You may not be able to hack the planet, but Circuit Dice can help you hack your favorite tabletop game. 

Pick up a set (or two) on Warehouse 23 now

-- Hunter Shelburne

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