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November 28, 2022: Brick D6 Dice Set Tooling Samples

For those of you who enjoy building with interlocking bricks and have a passion for dice, our upcoming Brick d6 Dice Set may catch your eye. With a brick design on each of the die's six faces, these new 16mm six-sided dice are sure to pop when you roll them in front of your friends.

These are now available for preorder in our current BackerKit dice store.

Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive news on this and other dice sets we have in development. We've got surprises for 2023 and will reveal the designs as they're ready to move from our brains to the world.

-- Phil Reed

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November 27, 2022: Cthulhu D6 Dice Set Second Printing Now Available

First released in 2019, the 19mm six-sided die design included in the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set pre-dates the official release by several years. We created the steel tooling for this design all the way back in 2012/2013 when we were hard at work on the Ogre Designer's Edition. The die saw limited release in the years after the design was first completed, but it wasn't until the first printing of the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set in 2019 that the dice found their way to a wider audience.

Earlier this year, we brought a second printing of the Cthulhu d6 Dice Set into the warehouse and it is available right now to friendly local game stores around the world. If you want to add this pack of six 19mm dice to your collection, please visit your local game store today. If you do not have a local store, you can always find the dice at our online store, Warehouse 23, as well as at and other online . . . [more]

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November 26, 2022: You Can Skip This If You Hate Dad Jokes

We all understand that Frodo, his spirit wounded by the One Ring he carried, made a poor moral choice when the time came to dispose of the deadly bauble, and if not for the faithful Sam Gamgee things might have gone very differently.

So, suppose Sam had simply followed his master's lead? Suppose that he and Frodo had turned away from the molten fissure and used the powers of the Ring, and the lesser magics they had acquired, to wander around the Dark Lands, simply killing Orcs and the other creatures of Sauron for the XP.

What would we call them then? Not heroes.


Wait for it . . .


Wait some more . . .



-- Steve Jackson

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November 25, 2022: CARnage Printable Cars And Weapons Launching Today On Kickstarter

We talk about customizing vehicles in Car Wars Sixth Edition a lot, and the one comment we receive the most is that players want to customize the minis. And not just for our games, but other car combat games. So we decided to answer that request and give autoduellists an option for their garage!

The CARnage Kickstarter adds printable STL files for cars and, even cooler, an assortment of weapons with which to customize them. We took the great weapon designs we've used on our existing miniature range and made them a bit more modular for use with other cars, such as our own 3-D printable files, or toy cars like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other (approximately) 1:64 scale brands. With over 50 weapons and accessories, plus 36 cars and 4 wrecks, even Uncle Al is doing a double take!

Similar to our Fantasy Trip Foes campaign, this project is strictly 3-D printable STL files. There are no physical . . . [more]

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November 24, 2022: Black Friday Comes Early To Warehouse 23

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you get your fill of food, friends, and family, and hopefully a few games. And we've got a few more games for you now on sale on Warehouse 23! Avoid the crowds this weekend and get some holiday savings with our Black Friday HAUL-iday Sale, happening now through December 19. We've got a number of discounted items from classics like Car Wars and Ogre to our dice, accessories, and much more. For roleplaying game fans we've got some great deals on The Fantasy Trip and cult classic In Nomine, too.

Cheap is nice, but you know what's better? Free. And we've got that, too! Physical orders of $20* or more get free swag based on the size of the order. Orders of $125 or more unlock all the free stuff, including dice, accessories, and multiple Munchkin mini-expansions. Knock out your holiday shopping and keep some extra goodies for yourself! Or maybe keep it all. I don't . . . [more]

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