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April 1, 2008: GURPS MMO

Sorry, we haven't signed a digital deal, sadly although that would have made an excellent April 1st post, wouldn't it?

No, instead we've gone in the opposite direction. Shortly after our playtest session of the D&D 4e rules Keith Baker was in town, and ran an adventure for us we came to a realization. The designers over in Seattle may be onto something. Therefore, we're happy to announce a new series of releases for GURPS: Tank, Striker, Healer, Buffer, and Debuffer.

With each of these products, you'll be able tweak your character into one of these five classes, maximizing your efficiency to a degree unheard of in rollplaying. GURPS Tank explores the men and women who attract the attacks of the enemies, selflessly sacrificing themselves. Striker helps you build characters who generate the most damage into the weakest points, round after round. Healer covers every option for regaining lost health, and ways for the players to remain interested despite their "backseat" role. Buffer will examine the myriad of paths to enhancing a character's team mates, as well as the advantages to withholding those enhancements for fun and profit! Debuffer covers the same ground as Buffer, but applied to the team's opponents.

GURPS Tank, the first in the series, will be written by Sean Punch, and should be available for purchase at GenCon Indy. Sean will be on hand, and will happily autograph your purchase for the traditional $5 fee.

In other news, negotiations have been completed for the purchase of Steve Jackson Games by Atlas Games, effective one year from today. Full details will be released tomorrow, but you can read the preliminary report here.
-- Paul Chapman

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