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April 26, 2008: Ramon Perez's Webcomic

There are a ton of webcomics out there, and there are more webcomic readers than not here in the office. Oddly, by comparison, I fall into the "not" category, as I have less than a dozen in my bookmarks list, and I occasionally go entire days without checking for updates.

One that has caught my eye of late is kukuburi, by Ramon Perez. Not only is this beautifully drawn, the style, the action, and the plotline all have a flow that keeps me coming back every Tuesday. It's surrealistic, it's a little Narnia and Alice's Wonderland, it's got a large story arc that we're only getting the beginning glimpses of.

The page navigation isn't the best in the world, and you're better off bookmarking the front page, then navigating to the most recent update, than you are attempting to jump directly to the "newest" page. But there's the usual "previous/next" arrows for actually reading the story, and that's what you're there for, right?

Check it out.
-- Paul Chapman

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