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April 2, 2019: Steve Jackson Games' "Previously Shipped" Pages

You should already be checking our New Releases page. This is where we list upcoming games, expansions, and accessories, and we usually have info posted online two to three months before a new title is scheduled to appear in stores. We've been using this system for decades now, but what you may not be familiar with is the "Previously Shipped" part of the New Releases page.

Going back to 1997, the Previously Shipped pages allow you to explore the last two decades of ship dates for Steve Jackson Games. Want to know when we shipped GURPS Castle Falkenstein to distributors? Check the 2000 page, and you'll find the exact day when we started to ship cases of the book out of our warehouse. And that's just one title out of many!

Take a look at the page and enjoy a little game archeology, but don't blame us when you start checking the after-market for out-of-print games!

-- Phil Reed

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