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April 6, 2019: The Fantasy Trip Hexagram Preorders Closing Soon, Don't Miss Out!

On Monday, April 8, we will close preorders for the first issue of our new zine for use with The Fantasy Trip, Hexagram, and then place the final print order. We'll print a few extra copies of the zine, but the best way to guarantee that you get a copy – a great companion to the new Legacy Edition box – is to place a pre-order before it is too late.

Did you miss out on the new Adventures hardcover book (which includes new counters and megahex tiles)? It's not too late! The Hexagram pre-order page also offers another shot at Adventures . . . but you need to pre-order today because Adventures is now at print and the order is placed with the factory. Only so many copies of the first printing will be produced; this is your chance to guarantee that one lands in your mailbox later this year.

Pre-order Hexagram and Adventures today.

-- Phil Reed

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