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April 15, 2006: Paint Paint Paint Followup

I never know, when I write an Illuminator, what will draw lots of comments and what won't. This one did . . . thanks to everyone who commisserated with me on the painting. Thanks in particular to the three of you who pointed out that when a toilet is completely drained, sewer gas can make its way up the U-trap and into the room. Yep, that would have been annoying. The issue is now dealt with . . .

And the last of the shelves are painted. I finally realized why a normally restful job was getting on my nerves. Normally when I do something like that, it gives me a chance to think about the current creative project, mull over ideas, and so on . . . but this time it went on long enough that I was rehashing the same ideas and getting frustrated because I'm not executing them. But that's over and I'm now doing the Burst of Creative Energy Woo Hoo thing.

Best line from the whole thing: "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And now that I have some light, I can see the tunnel needs painting too."
-- Steve Jackson

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