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April 17, 2006: A Weekend Of Chaos

Of the "let's get this Chaos organized" type. The Chaos Machine will be at Penguicon this upcoming weekend, wrangled by Schlock Mercenary's Howard Tayler. There was, however, a lot of repackaging to do in order to make it safer in transport and easier to set up and break down at the remote site. So there has been a great deal of box-building, and I am pretty sure that I got enough experience to go up a level in Hot Glue Gun. If you are anywhere near Detroit and have not planned to go to Penguicon this weekend, you should change your plans! (And not JUST for the machine! Their Gaming GoHs this year are Andy, Kristin, and Alison Looney of Looney Labs. Great people. Go see them.)

And I'll be taking the Machine to Worldcon August 23-27 in Los Angeles . . . see you there, I hope!
-- Steve Jackson

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