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April 17, 2019: In Stores Today: The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition

Last year, your support helped us bring back The Fantasy Trip in a large, amazing box set that we've identified as the Legacy Edition. You destroyed stretch goal after stretch goal during the campaign, and the result is a giant edition of this classic roleplaying game . . . that is in stores today! Find it at your friendly local game store or, if you don't have a local store, you may order direct from us at Warehouse 23.

Thank you to all of the project backers for making this such an incredible success. To help us produce new support for The Fantasy Trip, please follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 accounts on Kickstarter. Later this month, on Kickstarter, we'll offer the Decks of Destiny project that Steve previewed in the Hexagram zine. It will bring lots of cards to The Fantasy Trip, giving both players and GMs tools to make the game flow more smoothly and to aid in the creation of adventures.

For now, though, it's time to celebrate the release of The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition. After being out of print for over three decades, this is a special day for all of us . . . and we hope that you'll buy a copy of this huge roleplaying game and join the fun.

-- Phil Reed

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