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April 28, 2007: Randy Milholland Is A Wicked Man

We talked for a long time at Penguicon last weekend, and never once did he drop a hint about what he's doing this week in Something Positive.

Okay, Randy, you got me.

In the first place, his characters are playing GURPS. Woo, product placement. Heh heh fnord. But what's neat is that they are playing cross-genre, and this is being used as bait to draw in somebody who thought he wouldn't be caught dead roleplaying.

And in the second place, though Randy is still doing the art, the script is a guest effort by Eric Burns of Websnark. And Eric has absolutely nailed (so to speak) the voices and personalities of Randy's characters. Usually, in webcomics - or, for that matter, print comics - a guest sequence is highly non-canon, just people fooling around. Here, Eric . . . who has done a lot of webcomic writing, but is by far best known as a commentator and critic . . . is showing once again that he can do this stuff himself and do it well. And Randy is showing that he's not threatened by the idea of letting a fellow pro take the wheel for a bit.

Very neat. And I found out about all this at the same time you did. Randy is a wicked man.
-- Steve Jackson

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