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April 28, 2008: Looking For Bibliography Help

The bibliography on my personal web page says it's six years out of date, and that note was made about four years ago. Pathetic.

Soon, a better one will be posted. But I have not found complete info on a few articles. If you have copies of the following magazines around, would you kindly drop me a note giving me the missing bit(s) - the issue number, and/or the title under which the article appeared? (Magazines often don't use the title the author originally hangs on the submission, but in some cases that's all I have.) Game magazines, especially trade magazines, are ephemera, but I bet somebody saves them. We used to. We quit . . . You can reach me at sj@sjgames.com.

  • A Game Trade Monthly article on flooring, in 2004.
  • An Undefeated column on conspiracies. Almost certainly 2004, but I don't know the issue number.
  • Something in Games Quarterly Catalog #51.
  • Something in Games Quarterly Catalog #52.
  • Something in Games Quarterly Magazine #3. I'm pretty sure it was a pirate article, arr.
  • Something in Games Quarterly Catalog #55.

And now the HARD one: Does anybody have a copy of the first edition of the SCA's Known World Handbook? It was released in A.S. XIV, but the SCA's years overlap those of the mundane world, and I'd really like to know what mundane year is in the copyright notice.

-- the bibliographically challenged Steve Jackson

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