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August 1, 2023: Too Many Tabs!

Does anyone else have too many tabs open at any one time in their browser(s)? I remember how excited I was when tabbed browsing finally became possible, all those years ago. Oh, how the monkey's paw curled on that wish.

A lot of them are necessary; if I'm trying to find, say, the perfect GURPS supplement to recommend to new players, I need to have a dozen possibilities open at the same time. But often they remain open because I'm not sure I'm done with them, or I can't deal with whatever they're trying to tell me in the moment, or countless other possibilities.

I use a Chrome extension called Tab Count to try to keep my worst impulses in check, or maybe as some kind of "beat my record at Donkey Kong"-type score – and now I note that I have that Tab Count URL still open in my browser. <sigh> I just don't learn . . .

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-- Steven Marsh

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