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August 2, 2017: Retailers – With This Kit, Your Gamers Can Play Munchkin Like A Pirate!


Ahoy! Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

. . . Oh, hello. I was just practicing my pirate speak, since Talk Like A Pirate Day is less than two months away (September 19).

To celebrate that venerable holiday, Steve Jackson Games is looking for retailers to host "Play Munchkin Like A Pirate" Game Days during the week of September 15-22!

The featured game is Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition, illustrated by Tom Siddell. Your store has two options to participate: 

First, you can simply pick up an event kit on Warehouse 23 for just $5 plus shipping. The kit contains a demo copy of the deluxe-sized game, plus 30 promo bookmarks, over 50 promo cards, a stack of Munchkin posters, and two John Kovalic-illustrated dice. (If the link to the kit doesn't work for you, it means you're not logged into a retailer's Warehouse 23 account. Email retailers@sjgames.com to get your account.) 

But if you need the games to sell, pick up the Play Munchkin Like A Pirate Bundle. It has the same promo-packed kit, plus 5 copies of Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition and 3 copies of the Munchkin Booty: Fish & Ships booster. And remember, Warehouse 23 orders over $100 get free shipping, so if you get this bundle and one other small item, we'll ship it free.

As the event week draws closer, we'll post a Daily Illuminator listing the names and locations of all the stores hosting a "Play Munchkin Like A Pirate" Game Day, and we'll promote the event on social media. We'll put social-media graphics, a printable flyer, and poster graphics in the Retailer Portal a few weeks before the game week, as well.

And, of course, during the week of September 15-22, we'll run the usual #PlayMunchkin social-media contest.

So climb aboard! We promise not to make anyone walk the plank. 

--Ariel Barkhurst

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