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August 28, 2017: My Favorite Munchkin Spell Skool Cards

Chess Club

Gross Candy

I often get asked what my favorite Munchkin card is. That's not a question I can answer intelligently; with thousands of cards, picking just one is impossible. (Although if you absolutely pinned me to the wall, right now my favorite card is one from Munchkin Magical Mess, because the art is exactly what I asked for and far, far more creepy than I could possibly have imagined.)

However, picking three favorite cards from a single set is something I can do, and I've chosen Munchkin Spell Skool. Note that this is a snapshot in time, and my favorite cards will probably change down the road. But for now, here are my thoughts.

Favorite Effect: The Chess Club card has two abilities. The first is "Check," which lets you see what you'll get if you Loot The Room, and the second is "And Mate," which lets you take a bit of a hit to add a Mate to any combat. Both of them are useful ("And Mate" is nasty in the wrong hands!) and it makes me secretly happy that the members of the Chess Club are badasses.

Favorite Art: Katie Cook's illustrations for this set are spectacular, so picking just one card is really tough. But I'm going to go with the art on Gross Candy because we gave Katie the opportunity to be creative and she ran with it. I wouldn't have thought of bags of candy called "Booger Lumps" and "Actual Rocks," so I'm glad I left it up to her!


Favorite Card: I'm proud of all the cards in this set, but the one I'm probably proudest of, because of the perfect collision of title and joke, is Rapscallions. You can see why.

You can find Munchkin Spell Skool at your local Walgreens. If it's not on the shelf, ask if they have copies in the back!

-- Andrew Hackard

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