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August 8, 2012: PulpFest In Columbus This Weekend

People in the Midwest who are fans of pulp fiction -- the magazine stories of the past, not the movie of the same name -- may want to visit PulpFest this weekend. I know that if I lived within driving distance of Columbus, Ohio, I'd be planning a day trip to see the convention and maybe grab a few dozen books and classic magazines. But since I'm in Texas, the best I can do is keep an eye on the site's updates and wish I was there.

There are panels, a room of dealers with goodies, and authors signing books and talking pulp. The panel on "new pulp" -- see the PulpFest programming page -- strikes me as most interesting. I was unfamiliar with Airship 27 before reading about the panel . . . now I have something new to try! My fingers are crossed in the hope that the stories are fun.

Fans of Conan gaming -- either Munchkin Conan or GURPS Conan -- who are unfamiliar with the old pulp stories may want to go to PulpFest and grab a book or two. I'm sure any of the dealers at the show, or any of the other attendees, can help you find some good ones. And who knows, you may just find someone there who wants to sit down and play a game with you.

-- Phil Reed

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