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August 19, 2012: GURPS Wins At The ENnies!

GURPS HorrorGURPS Social Engineering

As we announced on July 18, GURPS Horror, Fourth Edition and GURPS Social Engineering were nominated for Gen Con EN World RPG Awards, a.k.a. ENnies. Nomination was honor enough, but today we're thrilled to be able to say that Horror took Silver ENnies for Best Supplement and Best Writing, while Social Engineering grabbed the Silver ENnie for Best Electronic Book.

All the folks at SJ Games would like to shout a big "Thank you!" to everyone who voted for us, send a hearty "Congratulations!" to the freelancers and staff who made it happen, and salute our worthy competition for their part in keeping this business alive and interesting. Speaking as chief GURPS geek, I want to add that we couldn't have done this without the support of those who buy, play, and playtest GURPS supplements. Without your encouragement, loyalty, and input, our work simply wouldn't be as good, and very likely wouldn't be at all.

-- Sean Punch

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