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August 15, 2016: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Turned Out To Be Amazon.Com

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When you see Katie Cook's new art for the Amazon.com-exclusive Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition, there's really only one thing you could possibly say –

" . . . I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!"

That is, if you enjoy terrible, cliché jokes. Which you may or may not. Who's to say? 

Whatever your response, behold Katie's new cards! Her take on Munchkin Oz is available on Amazon.com right now, and you can see all 168 of these adorable cards by just clicking your heels three times ordering your copy today!

You've done that? Good. Hopefully the images in this post will tide you over until the game arrives. They demonstrate the difference between Katie's interpretation and the original John Kovalic version.

[Image] [Image]

Both are fabulous (that's why we made both games, guys), but the new illustrations bring a sense of adorable chibi fun to the land of Oz!

Take Curse! Petrified, for example. Where there was previously not a cuddly little cat, there now is a cuddly little cat. You can't go wrong with more cats. 

And in Curse! Meet the Lonesome Duck!, the duck becomes a duck of many colors. An adorable, but still annoying, duck of many colors. 

So order today! Because now, you don't have to go somewhere over the rainbow to reach the land of Oz. You just have to go to Amazon.com. That's much closer.

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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