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August 21, 2016: If Superheroes Got Press This Good, There Would Be No Plot To Civil War


Reviewers – assemble!

By which we mean, here's an assemblage of reviews and unboxings for Munchkin: Marvel Edition, which has been out for a few months now!

That's also probably the last time we make an "Avengers, assemble!" joke on this blog. About this product. Today.


Bell of Lost Souls did a Tabletop Spotlight on the game, and says Munchkin and Marvel "go together like peanut butter and chocolate," and that, "since there's Munchkin everything and there's Marvel everything, it was only a matter of time."


There's an unboxing from GameWire, another from Bus Load of Penguin, and reviews from Erik Smith and Bower's Game Corner.

They all like a lot of things about the game, and reviewers point out that it makes a good introduction to Munchkin gameplay for the uninitiated, since everyone loves Marvel. The heroes at USAopoly have created a truly mighty game. 

None of them mention how glad they are that Captain America in this game doesn't believe he's Hydra, but they may be thinking it. 

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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