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December 6, 2017: No Peeking Inside The Munchkin Holiday Grab Box!

We released the Munchkin Holiday Grab Box and Munchkin Santa-Sized Holiday Grab Box to supporters of the Kickstarter project a few months ago, and watching as Munchkin fans ripped open their packages and dug through the goodies inside was a bit of a blast for all of the elves here at the office. We wanted every box to be a surprise, so imagine our shock when one of you naughty Munchkin players, Lance Kirkman, shot and posted videos as you unboxed the two different packages. And you even shared the game rules with the world?! That is not how you win, Lance; you've just given all of your potential opponents an idea of the weapons that they could use against you if they order the boxes for themselves, using those links right above. 

Thank you, Lance, for sharing these videos with the world. Though why you were peeking inside the boxes before Christmas is a question I suppose we'll never answer.

-- Phil Reed

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