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December 11, 2011: Office Holiday Schedule

Our last office day this year is Wednesday, December 14. We'll be here Thursday, too, but we'll be playing games, not doing business or reading mail. A few of us will come in the week of December 19, but everyone will be out between Christmas and New Year's as we spend time with friends and family and recharge our batteries. (And if I know Steve he'll go ahead and work that week. I'd say something to him about it, but I'm the last person to tell someone to take a break.)

Warehouse 23 will accept orders up to December 19. After that, nothing will ship until at least January 5. e23 will remain open the entire time. Any customer service issues with our online stores will have to wait until we return in January.

Happy Holidays, gang! We'll see you next year.

-- Phil Reed

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