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December 11, 2012: Kickstarter: Punktown

I just dropped in to Dan Davenport's #rpgnet IRC chat room. The guests tonight were author Jeff Thomas and game designer Mike Tresca, talking about their current Kickstarter project, Punktown. So I "listened" to them "talk," and I read the project description, and I clicked over to read a couple of pieces of Jeff's short fiction linked from the Kickstarter page.

And I decided they deserved a plug. They've got a week left. It's a dark science fiction BRP/Call of Cthulhu setting. They introduce it thusly:

"Picture Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Minority Report, Total Recall and the rest of the dark, not-too-distant-future genre. Now add aliens, mutants, and robots. Welcome to Punktown . . . now gimme your wallet."

I like it. I just supported at the $80 Corporate Stooge level, which will let me suggest a name for a building or area of Punktown - ahh, but we have many names around here . . . since I already have three evil ideas that I think the creators would have fun with, if the project makes it I'll surrrrrvey the Ogre supporter list and let THEM decide which one to implement.

(Also: Do not miss the Mariusz Gandzel sketches showing the cover in progress. Beautiful stuff.)

So I recommend that you click on over and support. Because we all need a little more technicolor nihilism in our lives.

-- Steve Jackson

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