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December 1, 2012:
Now that Ogre is (mostly) through design and production, it is time I take a break and recharge. I need a good three or four weeks off to completely refresh my batteries, but for now I'll have to settle for taking a week to enjoy a cruise to Mexico . . . read article

December 2, 2012:
Looking for an awesome game to play with the family? Look no further! . . . read article

December 3, 2012:
Christmas is coming up, faster than some of us would like. (*cough*me*cough*) Do you have all your shopping done? Don't know what to get that crazy munchkin in your life? . . . read article

December 4, 2012:
We continue having this problem with Munchkin that's pretty awesome -- it sells fast. However, that also means we run out from time to time! . . . read article

December 5, 2012:
You don't need a dozen trucks full of asphalt and tar to make a road; just fire up your printer! With the Car Wars Deluxe Road Sections Set 1: Starter Set -- newly released to e23 -- you'll be able to create the open road that is so essential to Car Wars action . . . read article

December 6, 2012:
My office already has one Dewback statue and now I've pre-ordered a second, this time an animated-style Dewback statue that's up for pre-order at Gentle Giant. Ever since I was very young and owned the old Kenner Dewback toy (this old commercial brings back memories) I've loved these guys, and even after the physical changes to the creature design made in 1997, it is still one of my favorite Star Wars monsters . . . read article

December 7, 2012:
[We apologize for the typo in the headline. That should read "Signs."] We're in a festive mood here at Warehouse 23 . . . read article

December 8, 2012:
How did I wind up, a grown man, wearing a pink shirt with evil horsies on it and making fuzzy plush ducks? Just lucky, I guess! . . . read article

December 9, 2012:
In Cthulhu Gloom, you make your intrepid investigators face the most terrible terrors and madness before helping them pass on to their inevitable doom. Unpleasant Dreams brings the wonders and horrors of the Dreamlands to the table. Mix the 55 transparent cards in this set together with your copy of Cthulhu Gloom to add morbid new Modifiers, Events, Stories, Transformations, and Untimely Deaths -- and a new family that calls the Dreamlands their home . . . read article

December 10, 2012:
Not every trip on the road is a straight-forward fight to the death against murderous cyclists. Sometimes you need to merge! . . . read article

December 11, 2012:
I just dropped in to Dan Davenport's #rpgnet IRC chat room. The guests tonight were author Jeff Thomas and game designer Mike Tresca, talking about their current Kickstarter project, Punktown . . . read article

December 12, 2012:
The Geminid meteor shower is making its annual appearance tomorrow and Friday, and we found some handy viewing tips if watching meteor showers is your thing. We have it on good authority that none of them will make it through the atmosphere . . . read article

December 13, 2012:
As you might imagine, there are a few perks for working at a game company. One of the things we all look forward to each year is our pair of Game Days, one of which is today! . . . read article

December 14, 2012:
Its that time of year again -- holiday time! If you're wanting to grab something spiffy for that munchkin in your life, better act fast! . . . read article

December 15, 2012:
I went around and asked a bunch of my co-workers to recommend a geeky gift idea. Here's some of what I got: A miniature wriggling tentacle that plugs into a USB port . . . read article

December 16, 2012:
Did someone ask you to wear "something festive" to the Christmas party, when you'd rather just put on your favorite zombie shirt? Luckily, now there's a happy medium--our new Zombie Santa T-Shirt! . . . read article

December 17, 2012:
As the holidays approach, it's time to get together with friends as a merry band, and go forth and loot dungeons. The latest installment of Pyramid masterfully melds mayhem and merriment: We proudly present Pyramid #3/50: Dungeon Fantasy II, providing support for your favorite old-school crypt-crawling GURPS line . . . read article

December 18, 2012:
Every year it happens. As soon as Halloween is over, or sometimes even before, all the stores start playing Christmas music all the time . . . read article

December 19, 2012:
Every Christmas Eve, TV stations use their weather radar to track Santa's progress to your home town But you can use the GURPS Hot Spots series to track Santa through the past! Matt Riggsby -- the author of Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527-1204 A.D. and Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence -- takes us on a holiday tour of those two locales: Is there a better place to celebrate Christmas than the foremost city of Medieval Christendom, Constantinople? . . . read article

December 20, 2012:
It had to happen some time -- we're taking a little bit of a break for the holidays and will start fulfilling orders again in the first week of 2013 . . . read article

December 21, 2012:
Today's the day that the Mayan Long Count calendar either rolls over to a new cycle or, well, ends, taking the world with it. We can think of no better way to celebrate this auspicious day than with a rousing game of Munchkin Apocalypse. Special Rule: Today only, open a Seal when the Enemy Mayan or Calendar Stone is played . . . read article

December 22, 2012:
Gamers, if you're in need of gifts for your friends you must take a look at the 2012 Board Game Geek Gift Guide. An impressive listing of games -- ranging from stocking stuffers to party games to all-time favorites -- the guide will be quite useful when it comes time to select a new game for your friends . . . read article

December 23, 2012:
If you felt a breeze ruffle the back of your neck early on December 11, maybe it was newly discovered near-Earth asteroid 2012 XE54, which came closer to Earth than the Moon. (How newly discovered? . . . read article

December 24, 2012:
As the holidays approach, we at e23 start having a preternatural need to generate lists. However, rather than enumerating lords a-leaping or ladies dancing, we thought we'd ask authors William H . . . read article

December 25, 2012:
Whatever your winter holiday of choice, we hope you are enjoying it with loved ones, eating well, and partaking in choice diversions... ...and if those diversions happen to include some of our games, so much the better! . . . read article

December 26, 2012:
Our awesome and talented Sam Mitschke made a new trailer video for Nanuk, our social, competitive game of bidding and bluffing in the polar north. In Nanuk, players make bids for how long they can stay on the trail and how much they will bring home . . . read article

December 27, 2012:
After SPIEL in Essen I had the chance to attend Spellenspektakel, formerly known as the best and biggest convention in the Netherlands, before it died due to mismanagement and a move to another location. Now it has been successfully revived by new experienced organizers and had a glorious return to Eindhoven . . . read article

December 28, 2012:
NASA plans to launch a new Mars Rover in 2020 . . . read article

December 29, 2012:
Pretty big. Here are some of our first actual printed samples, punched out, assembled, and documented with a ruler for your viewing pleasure . . . read article

December 30, 2012:
Our friends at Evil Hat Productions are in the throes of a Kickstarter for the latest version of their FUDGE-inspired roleplaying game system, Fate. Fate Core is, to quote from the Kickstarter, "the best version of Fate we can possibly make." Their Kickstarter blew past its initial goal within an hour of launch, and is now surpassing stretch goals almost faster than the guys at Evil Hat can set them up. The best part is, when you back the Kickstarter, you can download a draft of Fate Core immediately and even provide editorial and playtest feedback . . . read article

December 31, 2012:
Privately operated manned spaceflight has been a growing commercial interest over the past ten years, but has been limited to the launching of suborbital spaceplanes and unmanned orbital prototypes. Now, a new venture called the Golden Spike Company wants to make manned missions to the moon a reality, and has announced plans to develop the capability to do so by 2020 . . . read article

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