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December 28, 2006: Campaigns Is On The Boat

The reprint of the Campaigns book of the GURPS Basic Set is on the boat . . . and the bill of lading even told us WHICH boat. Well, ship, actually. And thanks to Google Images, we found it. So here's the NYK Phoenix, whose doughty crew, even as we speak, is making its way to our shores from Thailand. With our books, among many, many other things. Cheers!

(As I wrote this, the phrase "ivory, apes, and peacocks" occurred to me, and I realized that no ship bearing that fabled cargo could make it through Customs. And I started to type "alas!" and then realized that anybody collecting ivory or apes nowadays is probably a bad guy. And peacocks no doubt carry bird flu. I do believe that I'm now overanalyzing. But the ship picture is neat.)
-- Steve Jackson

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