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February 9, 2013: At Last! Vacation!

That long-awaited time off has come around for me, and one of the first things I didn't do was write an "I'm gone for a while" Illuminator. Sorry about that. (Okay, not VERY sorry.)

I will be taking February off. And part of March. But there will be some travel:

This weekend I'll be running LEGO trains at the Great Train Expo in Houston. Reliant Center, Saturday and Sunday, 10 through 4. If you happen to be a LEGO and/or train fan in Houston, come say hi.

NEXT weekend I'll spend Saturday (that's the 16th) at Owlcon at Rice University. New Ogre stuff will be there, too.

And on March 22-24 I will be the gaming guest at Midsouthcon in Memphis. More on that anon. Or, more likely, a few anons from now.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow starts early. This "having fun" can sometimes be real work . . . But you know, that's okay!

-- Steve Jackson

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