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February 12, 2020: Munchkin Musings: PROMO EDITION!

Breaking News Andrew!Hello, Munchkin fanatics! We've got a full monthly Musings coming your way in a few days, but this news was cool enough that we didn't want to wait.

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on the munchkin.game site, adding some bookmarks and promo cards that never quite found their way onto the live pages. A few days ago, I caught up: right now, every* promo item that I know about has a web page. If you're curious, that's a total of 176 bookmarks and 284 promo cards . . . so far.

You can start exploring by going directly to the Munchkin Promo Portal (a name I just made up) and scrolling through the lists of cards and bookmarks. Click the link in the previous sentence or click my smiling face to the right. If you happen across a promo that time I forgot, let me know in one of the two dedicated threads over at the Munchkin forum!

* This is not 100% true. There are a few promo cards that we decided not to make live, either because there didn't seem to be a point or because we chose not to publicize their existence fnord. I will deny all knowledge of those cards, so don't bother asking. How will you find out which cards those are? I guess, ask me and see what happens!

-- Andrew Hackard

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