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February 28, 2020: SFeraKon 2020 - Zagreb, Croatia - May 8-10, 2020

SFeraKon is a big SF (and games, media, et cetera) convention held in Zagreb, the capital and biggest city of Croatia. John Kovalic was a guest last year, and had a really good time. So when they invited me . . . well . . . that was a YES.

Founded in 1983, SFeraKon is presented by SFera, the Zagreb science fiction club. They expect about 2,000 people.

I'll leave you with a Great Thought from their web page: "If you have nothing to do in the middle of May, come and meet us. If you have other engagements, cancel them and come and meet us."

-- Steve Jackson


PS – speaking of conventions – the deadline to register at the FnordCon hotel at the good rate is March 2. Don't forget!

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