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February 16, 2010: Dice In New York

New York Toy Fair I'm at the New York Toy Fair this week (not as spectacular as last month's Hong Kong trip, but fun), and I'm pleased to report that we've got both Cthulhu and Zombies in our booth. And that's a great thing!

Yep, everything worked out and we managed to get the two new dice games in time for the show . . . which is fantastic, since both games are going over great with retailers, gamers, and buyers. Several times over the last couple of days I've heard "Zombies are awesome," "Cthulhu is huge," and everyone loves the price points and fast play of the two games. I'm confident that we've got two new winners on our hands; now to get them off of our hands and onto store shelves.

SJ comment: Excellent! So we can do more? Those were FUN! And my inner gaming geek really loves making special dice!

We've got two more days of the show, which means that Randy, Ross, and I will keep working the booth, showing off the new games, and answering the always-popular "what's new with Munchkin" question that's coming from almost everyone we meet.

SJ comment: You're not giving them a straight answer, are you?

-- Phil Reed

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