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February 1, 2008:
Oh. Well, then stop." So sayeth the Goddess in Her wisdom, but why do we do the things we do to each other? . . . read article

February 2, 2008:
And on your table and atop your shelf and by the cat and . . . And so on. GURPS Spaceships, formerly a PDF only affair, has recently materialized in our warehouse . . . read article

February 3, 2008:
Yeah, yeah, we keep saying that, and nothing happens. Until now . . . read article

February 4, 2008:
If fruit is desirable armament, then it can only mean one thing: Killer is back! The original game of assassination has been uploaded to e23 for your speedy purchasing pleasure . . . read article

February 5, 2008:
We got the production proof of Munchkin 6. To the right you can see the cover and some of the double-sized Dungeon cards . . . read article

February 6, 2008:
In addition to wrapping up our not-quite-annual (but-really-should-be) SWOT meetings, we've got one of our favorite Canadians in town. Ross Jepson is our Director of Sales, which means he uses these all-too-infrequent trips to catch up on all the games in development . . . read article

February 7, 2008:
Apparently, someone has been stuffing himself into baggage in order to pilfer valuables from other luggage stored in the cargo space of Swebus motor coaches. The Register has the story . . . read article

February 8, 2008:
If you haven't tried UltraCorps yet - or if you have, and want another shot at it - a new mega-game is starting. The first tick will be at 8pm CST tonight (Friday) . . . read article

February 9, 2008:
Or he will be, if you follow these great instructions for creating edible googly-eyes and going on from there to Flying Spaghetti Monster Cookies. Great for the next meeting of your Discordian cabal, church group, or school board. -- Suggested by Marcus L . . . read article

February 10, 2008:
I've got a long stretch of travel coming up . . . Next weekend I'll be at OrcCon in Los Angeles . . . read article

February 11, 2008:
We're hiring for a Production Assistant. To answer the most frequently asked question when we post any opening: No, this is not a telecommuting job; it's a full-time Austin position . . . read article

February 12, 2008:
Okay, we don't yet have our flying cars. But wonders are happening every day, and we shouldn't overlook them . . . read article

February 13, 2008:
Look out! Behind you! . . . read article

February 14, 2008:
The non-gaming part of running a game business is . . . well . . . running the business. Last week we put a lot of time into our more-or-less-biennial SWOT process . . . read article

February 15, 2008:
The 2008 Report to the Stakeholders has been posted. Not quite as timely as last year's, but mid-February isn't bad . . . read article

February 16, 2008:
Who's going to warn you of incoming attacks? Who can you count on to keep the peace? . . . read article

February 17, 2008:
We've just finished giving the What's Hot page over on e23 a new facelift, and a whole set of new features. Now you can check sales and ratings for your favorite game systems, companies, product lines, and more . . . read article

February 18, 2008:
GURPS Thaumatology Feel the Power! Fantasy settings are defined by their magic . . . so different worlds need different magic systems. GURPS Thaumatology has GURPS Fourth Edition updates of the best Third Edition magic variants, plus many all-new options . . . read article

February 19, 2008:
It's the last day of OrcCon. Fun is being had . . . read article

February 20, 2008:
The weird old guy at the tavern said there's more forgotten writings like those scrolls we found about heroes and dark pits. He's a wizard, so maybe he knows what he's talking about . . . read article

February 21, 2008:
Last week, so that SJ could have some cool toys for OrcCon, the staff came together for a few days of cutting, pasting, folding, twisting, and otherwise turning bits of cardboard and paper into two beautiful, full-color playtest sets. Here you see the first of our two craft projects, the awesome Munchkin Quest playtest set . . . read article

February 22, 2008:
We showed you the Munchkin Quest playtest set yesterday. Today were showing off the Tribes set that we created for SJs trip to OrcCon . . . read article

February 23, 2008:
A moral crossroads, where you must decide: Can you get away with lying about your higher education? Heck, if all those celebrities can get an "honorary degree," why shouldn't you be able to lay it on a little thick about your salad days at Impressive Pillars University? . . . read article

February 24, 2008:
Happy Valentine's Day! Wait . . . read article

February 25, 2008:
First there was GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers. It showed you how to embrace your inner munchkin by building powerful heroes who kill monsters and take their stuff. Next came GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons. It showed you how to embrace your inner munchkin by killing monsters and taking their stuff as a powerful hero . . . read article

February 26, 2008:
We've been doing a lot of Munchkin Quest playtests over the last month, but most of them were on our aircraft-carrier-sized conference table. Yesterday I decided to check what the game would be like on the below-average dining room tables some of you may have . . . read article

February 27, 2008:
We are looking for playtesters for two e23 supplements to GURPS High-Tech -- one group will playtest for both books simultaneously. GURPS High-Tech: Pulp Guns 1 and Pulp Guns 2 are catalogs of weapons and ammunition for the Pulp era, defined here as the 1920s and 1930s. The books expand considerably on the information given in GURPS High-Tech regarding the firearms of the era, listing dozens of interesting small arms and heavy weapons designs with complete game stats . . . read article

February 28, 2008:
We continue to see no evidence that PDF and hardcopy sales interfere with each other. -- Steve Jackson, Report to the Stakeholders: 2008 And, having watched for two years and seen no evidence of problems, we'll do the consistent thing, which we know will please many fans . . . we will release GURPS Basic Set: Characters as a PDF today, sometime before noon Central Time. Update: it's up now, right here. Campaigns will be released in March . . . read article

February 29, 2008:
Just in case anyone is wondering, e23 has released 759 pages of GURPS material in the 59 days since 2008 has begun. Released for GURPS Fourth Edition: GURPS Martial Arts: Fairbairn Close Combat Systems: 24 GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2: Dungeons: 32 GURPS Creatures of the Night Vol. 3: 11 GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level: 44 GURPS Basic Set: Characters: 338 And because the question has come up before: the digital Characters is based on the most recent reprint (which just started shipping last week) with all the most recent errata . . . read article

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