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February 24, 2008: The Munchkin Valentine's Day Card (That Never Was)

Happy Valentine's Day! Wait. What? Last week? Are you sure? Oh.

A few months back, as the Munchkin Christmas Card went to print, we started discussing other Munchkin-themed card ideas. I really wanted to create a Valentine's Day card just so that the trigger for the card's effect could be something along the lines of "kissed by another player." Unfortunately, we've been busy with Munchkin Quest and we never did get around to creating a Valentine's Day card.

Since we didn't create you a card, I'm going out on a limb and creating my own official rule for Valentine's Day. Today, and today only, if another player kisses you during a Munchkin game you may immediately draw a free treasure. Each player may only grant one official kiss during a game session. Get ready with the bribes, people.

Yes, I know it's not officially Valentine’s Day today. For Munchkin players it is now. Happy Valentine's Day, munchkins!

-- Phil Reed

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