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February 21, 2011: This Week On e23: Flexibility

Pyramid #3/28: Thaumatology II Space Gamer #59 The best part of RPGs for me is the flexibility -- the ability to go anywhere, do anything. It's one of the reasons I keep returning to magic users (or whatever they're called in the setting we're playing in). Learn the right skills, spells, and/or advantages, and you can do nearly anything. Of course, more spells means more flexibility, which makes this week's Pyramid all the sweeter.

Pyramid #3/28: Thaumatology II is no boring list of spells, though. Instead, it delves into the alchemy rules presented in GURPS Magic, and returns with new elixirs and techniques. This issue asks the question "How do you blow up the world with magic?" and gets not one, but ten answers. An occult organization, ceremonial magic rules for Dungeon Fantasy, and a new arcane school for Banestorm round out the issue.

e23 also added a new issue of Space Gamer to the offerings. #59 includes the original version of Battlesuit, four scenarios for Grav Tank, and the usual host of news, reviews, and articles from 1983.

-- Paul Chapman

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