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February 23, 2010: Green!

Green Sanity! As mentioned before, the Sanity counters for Cthulhu Dice are a lovely shade of green, as you can see. Since the printer included clear ones in the prototype, we were a bit anxious when the first copies arrived. But all was well once we opened the boxes.

Those boxes, and the POPs hidden within -- and the games hidden within the POPs -- have been on display with Phil at the New York Toy Fair. He's rolled the big green (or purple, or black, or yellow) die with toy retailers from around the country. Afterwards, the games will head back to Austin with Randy, on the second leg of his Road Trip.

-- Paul Chapman

Randy's Road Trip Update

Tonight, Randy will be gaming at Here Be Books and Games in Summerville, SC from 2-6pm. For Randy's complete itinerary, check out our Where's Randy? page.

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