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February 27, 2008: Call For Playtesters: Pulp Guns

We are looking for playtesters for two e23 supplements to GURPS High-Tech -- one group will playtest for both books simultaneously. GURPS High-Tech: Pulp Guns 1 and Pulp Guns 2 are catalogs of weapons and ammunition for the Pulp era, defined here as the 1920s and 1930s. The books expand considerably on the information given in GURPS High-Tech regarding the firearms of the era, listing dozens of interesting small arms and heavy weapons designs with complete game stats. In addition, there is a huge amount of historical and fictional background material for any game system: where to buy guns, what to call them in Pulp slang, how to use and modify them, and other details a gumshoe might need for his heater.

Pulp Guns 1 and Pulp Guns 2 are essential reading for GURPS Cliffhangers campaigns, but also extremely useful for any game set in that timeframe, from Mysteries and Espionage to Horror and GURPS Lands Out of Time, or even Supers. Furthermore, the books can be used for military adventures, particularly in combination with GURPS WWII and all of its supplements.

Playtest applications must be submitted no later than March 1. Playtesting on these short manuscripts starts March 2 and ends March 16.

As always, playtest participation is via a closed e-mail list limited to Pyramid subscribers. To apply, please e-mail the author, Hans-Christian Vortisch (greytiger@gmx.net), with "[Pulp Guns]" in the subject, and include your name, Pyramid username, preferred e-mail address for the mailing list, and any qualifications you feel make you suited for the playtest.

And in other e23 news, if you've been watching www.sjgames.com, have you noticed the banner ads at the bottom of the page? More importantly, have you noticed the pattern? We'll pull the curtain back on our latest tease-fest tomorrow.

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