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January 14, 2005: Munchkin Cards Updated

Since the release of Munchkin, we've repeatedly heard that it was too hard to separate the two decks after a game. The faces are the same color, and the backs are the same color around the edges. We didn't make that mistake on later Munchkin games . . .

And now it's corrected for Munchkin itself. As you see in the picture, we've made the faces and backs of Door cards lighter in the new printing, and we'll continue this with new supplements and reprints of the old ones. This does NOT mean that everyone has to run out and buy new sets. Though nobody here will cry if you do . . . but at least wait till you play the old set to death.

Another innovation: These cards are both from the upcoming Munchkin Dice. See the little die icon at the bottom? That appears on all the cards from that set. This is another by-popular-demand feature. As we print new supplements or reprint old ones, we'll add icons to show which supplement they came from, for the convenience of those who like to sort the decks out once in a while.

And yes, this is a sneak preview of two cards from that set. Have fun . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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