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January 20, 2005: Finally: e23!

We are delighted to report that, at long last, our e23 site is up and running. Our thanks to everyone who made this possible . . . especially perl goddess Kira, the patient testers on the W23 staff, the Men In Black who beta-tested, editor Scott Haring . . . and to Phil Reed, who laid a lot of the groundwork during his time at SJ Games and whose own company, Ronin Arts, is well represented in our initial PDF offerings.

Through e23, you can buy a wide variety of digital products . . . mostly PDFs, but software as well.

Right now, in addition to our own material, we have items from Ronin Arts, Alter Ego Software, and Atomic Sock Monkey. Now that we're actually online, we expect to be adding more vendors regularly. And more features, and more different kinds of product. We're going to continue to develop e23 and increase its interoperability with Warehouse 23, with our product pages, and with other parts of our site. Already, for instance, this is the place to purchase subscriptions to Pyramid and JTAS.

Please note that this is not one of those sites where anyone can log in, upload just anything, and ask you for money. Everything that's here is here because we can count on that vendor to offer a quality product.

Go to e23 and see what we've got. Start with the freebies, to see how the process works and get an idea of our quality standard . . . and we hope you'll become a regular customer.

And please give us your feedback on the forums!
-- Steve Jackson

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