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January 15, 2007: Multiform Manifest Of Mirthless Misery

A precis on Morgan, new clerk hire for SJ Games: I'm ectomorphic. I tend to brood and chuckle in equal proportions. I have enough training in Latin to crank-call the Pope (and that represents the sum total of the language's utility). I have a propensity for crafting large and heavy articles of jewelry, and a need to disassemble the handiwork of others (as a friend and coworker, I do this for constructive criticism. As a frustrated consumer, I do it out of exasperation.)

I have degrees in Classical Studies and Law. No, I cannot represent or advise you in legal matters, and I neither own or want a BMW. For recreation, I hit things that make noise (commonly known as drums). I'm a member of a nascent cover-band, and I revel at the idea of unleashing our absurdity on an unsuspecting public. I have no pets, though a raccoon in my apartment complex has appointed itself as my power animal. I like sushi and steak tartare (yes, raw meat. I was invited not to return to five preschools because of it). Last but not least: prior to moving to Austin, I never considered working in the gaming industry, but I am finding it agreeable. Highly agreeable.

-- Morgan Faber

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